A1 Easter Seals Ontario (Windsor-Essex)
A2 The Angry Collector
A3 The Canadian Comic Bin
A4 Paper Heroes / Candy Heroes
A5 Alex’s Comic Station
A6 The CG Realm
A7 CK Expo
A8 Ultra Pro International
A9 KTS Sportscards and More
A10 Pops & Collectibles

B1 Richard Comely (Saturday)
Bedrock Collectibles (Saturday)
David & Meredith Finch (Sunday)
B2 Johnny Desjardins
B3 David Jacob Duke
B4 Tony Gray
B5 Dan Pietens

C1 Dr. Stevil
C2 RayGrey Cosplay
C3 Windsor Cosplay
C4 The 501st Legion

D1 Lindy Cosplay Supplies
D2 OTP Resin & Design

E1 To Be Announced

F1 Wolfhead Distillery

G1 Chris Potter & Lenore Zann (Saturday)
G2 Toby Proctor
G3 Katie Griffin
G4 Linda Ballantyne
G5 Bryn McAuley
G6 Laura Vandervoort
G7 Tara Spencer-Nairn
G8 Gabrielle Miller (Saturday)
G9 David Ayres
G10 Easter Seals’ Ambassadors (Saturday)
Local Olympians (Sunday)
Noelle Montcalm
Jamie Adjetey-Nelson
G11 Ms. Galaxy Canada Natalie Marie Bourgoin & Miss Galaxy Canada Melanie Renaud
G12 Will Brisbin (Cartoon Kingdom)

the vault

the pitt

Cartoon Kingdom The Royal Court

Liuna!625 Festival